This [Crazy] Crafty Mama Creates

Join me in creating…in the midst of chaos!


~Pablo Picasso


This couldn’t describe my feelings art and its therapeutic benefits in my life!

As a child I would hide in my room to read and create. I had always dreamed of becoming an artist, an interior decorator, an architect…but for some reason [money, lack of confidence?] I gave up those dreams and did other more practical things. Now that I’m a mother [4 kids in about 4 years] and a stay-at-home one at that I have gone back to my creative roots because I have found that it keeps me sane! On the days when the fighting seems constant and the dirty diapers are never-ending I know that I can escape to my craft room at the end of it all and create! That renews my spirits, gives me energy for the next day.

God bless & keep creating!


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