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Yummy Washi



A small package just arrived in the mail from my sister-in-law, who was in Japan visiting family, and I knew my “order” was here!
Since recently becoming obsessed with washi tape, making my own but not really having the “real” stuff I put in an “order” with Mayumi {said sister-in-law}. I knew that in Japan washi tape was all around and I asked her to pick whatever her heart desired. I was super excited to see what she chose!
She grabbed three 1P rolls from mt masking tape
Here it is:

My yummy washi from Japan!

I’m not exactly sure of the names of two of the rolls {the middle roll is called ‘blue dots’ I believe}. The top roll is variegated with tangerine background & translucent polka dots, gold stripes and flourescent orange. The middle tape {‘blue dots’} is a mixture of plum, light blue, dark blue and pink dots. The bottom tape is also variegated with a large green floral & vine print, lime & forest green stripes and a small almost damask green print.

When I happened upon this silly Aquadots puppy that one of my kiddos made {or maybe I made it when they got frustrated and gave up!} I had to put it in with the washi…thought it looked sort of anime-ish! Thinking I might include this little guy in a layout with the tangerine washi tape {if I can sneak it away from the kids!}.







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