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DIY Spray Mist

I have been obsessed with spray  mist for some time now. The funny thing? I don’t have one bottle of spray mist anywhere in my craft room and I’ve never really used it before! I see so many artistic and beautiful layouts either in magazines or online that incorporate spray mist…and so  my obsession began. Every trip to the craft stores in my area leads me back to the stamping and ink aisles but for some silly reason I can’t find the mist that I want or I can’t find any mist at all! So I gave up for awhile.

Now I’m starting to see scrapbookers “flicking” the spray mist to make it look like paint splatters…and a new obsession begins!

While on the Two Peas in a Bucket forums I had to ask the knowledgeable ladies over there if there is any way that I could make my own mist. I got a ton of recommendations, links to blogs, YouTube videos, etc. So I decided to finally step out of my box and try it out myself!

The layout that I’m starting on will be the belly shots I took from my third pregnancy and I’m sort of envisioning something like this:

Garden Girl, Wilna, set up a weekly challenge in March 2012 titled “Be Inspired by…” and this was the inspiration layout

So to start out I grabbed what I thought was kraft cardstock (but I’m pretty sure it’s a 12″x12″ piece of cardboard packaging from a stack of cardstock!) and my supplies to make my “mist/splatters”

  • rubbing alcohol
  • Martha Stewart‘s Multi-Surface Pearl Acrylic Craft Paint in Antique Silk
  • a baby medicine dropper
  • a glass condiment dish from the kitchen

I put about a nickel-size dollop of paint in the dish and mixed in maybe a titch more than a cap full of rubbing alcohol. I squeezed that cute little medicine dropper to gather a bit of paint and then I started flinging [gently]. I took a practice run on a scrap piece of cardstock first. I was actually a bit magical to see the pearlescent paint shimmer and move around after I flung it. I set the cardstock to the side to dry [it took about 10 minutes] and! Simple as that!

Not sure if I’ll be doing this on a regular basis [although I do have quite the collection of acrylic paints to use] but it was good to know that I really don’t have to go to the craft store and rack my brain trying to find the mist anymore…but I’ll probably order a couple bottles online!

[I’ll post the layout once it is finished!]


2 comments on “DIY Spray Mist

  1. Sara
    July 31, 2012

    I love how it turned out! Great job with the DIY mist!

    • inspiredness
      July 31, 2012

      Thank you!! It’s pretty fun, I might start misting everything in my craft room now! LOL!

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