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Scrapbook Starting Point (July 10)

My first Shimelle Laine Scrapbook Starting Point!

At first look, Shimelle’s page for his starting point seemed a bit intimidating to me. I’m really not used to sticking lots of cardstock pieces, tags and embellishments under my matted pics. I’ve been watching a few of her YouTube videos, however, and I have become a bit more confident in this area of scrapbooking.

Here’s an awesome video she did on depth of field:

Anyway so back to the Starting Point for this week.

Chloe has always stuck out her tongue while she sleeps…and it started this young!

And she began sucking her thumb right after she was born!

Here she is getting her hearing screened…and she passed with flying colors!

I always start with the photos that I either really want to scrap or the child that I need to scrap (I have 4 little bitty kids and I flip-flop between all of them when scrapping). So this time I picked 3 photos of my third daughter after she was born, all of them with her eyes closed (2 of which she really was sleeping).

What I was seeing in most of these pictures was the prominent blue color from the hospital blanket and so I grabbed a few pieces of blue cardstock and blue patterned cardstock. Lately I’m really loving the combination of tangerine and blue so I grabbed a pretty distressed tangerine cardstock that has small yellow polka dots sprinkled all over it. I pulled out the yellow from the polka dots and grabbed a piece of yellow cardstock and pulled the pink from the hospital blanket and grabbed a piece of pink cardstock. Then I looked for an interesting patterned paper that had bits of orange, blue, green and pink to pull from the rest of my colors.

Once I had all my papers I began cutting and distressing them to resemble Shimelle’s layout. For the bottom yellow strip I stamped the word ‘discover’ and stamped cut out circle with the distressing ink. I also stamped a smaller circle along the left edge of the 12″x12″ paper, again in the distressing ink.

I matted my photos (one 4″x6″ photo and two 2″x3″ photos) and loosely placed them on the layout. I say “loosely” because as I have learned from Shimelle it’s important not to adhere your pieces to the paper so that you can’t lift them slightly to place the layers underneath. I cut my strips that I wanted to layer under the left side of the photos and those that are layered over the main 4″x6″ photo. I distressed away, layered the tangerine strip with a patterned paper, placed a clear sticker on the pink strip and put those under the blue matted photos along with a ribbon clip that I made and a yellow distressed bird that I cut from my Cricut cartridge titled Songbird. Next, for the papers that I layered under the top photo…I stamped the yellow strip and added a white textured mat to the tangerine tag along with a pink eyelet and green ribbon (same as that I used to make the ribbon clip) and used this as journal spot. I also used a chipboard element from another kit to add the ‘my favorite’ tag.

On the bottom of the page I added another tangerine/textured white box (distressed!) and I found a perfect clear sticker (“i love you little one”) to put on the textured white paper. I added “09” stickers that I distressed and popped up with pop dots. Underneath this I put a strip of homemade washi tape (which I also put above the top 2″x3″ pic and in the top right hand corner on the 12″x12″ paper). I added a patterned strip of paper so that my popped up (and distressed!) stickers spelling “peaceful” would stand out a bit more. And lastly, I cut the second half of my title–“beginnings”–out of blue cardstock using my Cricut Songbird cartridge.

Not too bad for a days work! I’m sure next time it will go much faster and smoother!


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