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DIY Washi Tape

When I first heard of washi tape I really had no idea what it could possibly be used for! The first time I had really seen it in action (and yes, I do live under a rock at times!) was with the popular Smash Books.

Okay, so it looked like pretty tape to me. I could tape things to pages with it. Then the more I searched online and of course, through Pinterest I saw that washi tape can be a pretty little embellishment to almost an project. And the cool thing? The colors and patterns are limitless!

So I headed to my local craft stores and couldn’t for the life of me find washi tape anywhere, and if I did there were only a few boring rolls. I must be looking in the wrong places?

I’ve already checked out all that Two Peas in a Bucket has to offer in their online store and my wish list is growing but…I needed some washi tape–and fast–for my Peaceful Beginnings layout. So off to Pinterest I went!

And here’s what I found!

So I made my own out of a stash of tissue paper and double-sided tape. Super easy and super fast!

But this doesn’t mean that I won’t be investing in some washi tape in the future…in fact I have put in an “order” through my sister-in-law who is back in Japan visiting her family. I can’t wait to see what she picks out for me!


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